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Question on Spar's?
Author: Administrator
Date: 6/6/2012
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Here is an article pulled from old post's on the old Tbird site. You can do a word search and lots of info will pop up, a search for "spar" brought up this old exchange.

Try it for lots of answers for questions that have already been asked...

Wow, ok guys I just read TR's message and he is correct on the original spars except that they were made from .058 wall thicknesses. I personally talked to Dale, who is the owner of Warp Drive props(And the previous owner of Teratorn aircraft). My 1983 originally had 15' spars with the needed inserts(1-7/8")inside the 2" tubes of the same thickness where TR said they were. Boy guys, Mike has put together an information page and does it work. Bob has been helpful in the past for me and yes, he is in business to sell aircraft. The T-bird is a great aircraft and VERY strong for a tail wheel aircraft. I would just like to say that the information on this page is FANTASTIC. We do not need a bashing page for GCA. Again Mike thanks for the site.
Wayne McCullough <>
- Saturday, February 17, 2001 at 14:28:53 (PST)

Man, what have I been missing here. I opened up the site and found all these new messages. Heck, this is better that watching George Jr. Bomb. Iraq. Ok, Let me pass on some additional information I was given by GSA. (Bob don't shit in your britches). No I did not ask about spars. I asked about covering and ask about the safety of my spars. A wealth of information was shared. (Bob, take a deep breath, you are turning red in the face, deep breaths...) This was what was told to me. The early spars were 2" OD and were .049 wall. At the strut attach points there were 30 inch inserts of 1 7\8" tubing placed. All these tubes were 6061-T6. I think the inner tube was also .049. (Bob if you would like to share that with us now, take another deep breath as you are still red in the face. They also in some cases used a 6 inch insert at the root attach point. I was told by them that this was safe and had never been an in flight failure of this spar configuration using the 6061 T6. Bob, please breath, you are getting me concerned. These spars were way back when made from a length of tubing that came to them as 16 footers and were cut down. Now the new ones according to you guessed it. GCA ( Bob,come one quit hitting the desk and shouting. It only gets better. Someone please watch Bob, I am afraid he is going to pass out. Now back to the new ones. They now use 12 foot sticks of 2" 6061-T6 the inner root out 12 foot and then another piece the makes up the remainder of the length They then insert a 9 foot section of the 1 7/8 in inside the 2" from the end where the joint takes place. They also insert a 9 inch sleeve at the wing root. They use 3/16 stainless steel pop rivets at all compressing attach points braces. They use the ones with the stainless steel nails inside. Now having shared this info. I will state to you that Bob is in business to make a living. Inventory setting there cost money. That is the reason he has to charge the prices he does. He is not making a killing guys. He is a business man trying to provide a safe product and watching his liability. Bob, I don't know what the answer is. I do know people will pay the extra money to deal with someone whom they trust and believes they have their best interest at heart. Money is always an issue. But there is no substitution for good customer relations. If you want your business to grow. Share the info, increase your sales and work off volume. Look at wag Aero. A great man once told me honesty is the best policy. He also showed me what a razor strap could be used for. Ok, wake up Bob, someone throw a bucket of water on him. Revive him. No Al don't drown him. I think we all need to take a closer look at how we can work together, Right Saddam. Also, Dick Cheney cannot sale you sails, Bob gets all his sails from him. He can supply all ultralight sails except the T bird and the Challenger. Bob I would think used his wonderful way to insure you cannot go to Great Salt Lake for them either. Maybe I should start making wing spars. And selling them. Ok, I see it now... Arizona spars and Sails. L.L.C. Not... then you would all hate me toooooooo.. Fly safe guys and someone please call 911, Bob just turned blue again..... TR
TR Arizona <>
- Saturday, February 17, 2001 at 11:53:42 (PST)

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