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An Old message from Bob doing what he did best.
Author: Administrator
Date: 2/23/2012
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Hey bob, do you remember what the new wing deminsions were that you experiemented with? The wing on my 1983 Tierra II is 32' long, I don't recall off hand the width, but its deminsions mirror that of the Flightstar II SL I trained in. I do know that a previous owner had a Rotax 532 installed at one time.
Mark A. Carter <mark@ultrapilot.com>
- Tuesday, December 19, 2000 at 08:46:38 (PST)
1983 Tierra's: some came stock with single seats and small engine's, others came with two seats and larger engines. The 503 was the largest that year. It was the first year of the Tierra. The earlier one's were cable braced planes going back to 1975. The Airframes of the first Tierra's seemed to be differant. Less airframe for the single seater. This makes putting a bigger engine on them rather tricky. You have to know what airframe came with the plane before you got the plane. I can't tell you how to know that unless you are absolutly sure of the engine that the kit came with to start with. Now... We have put up to a 582 on the 1983 Tierra. Worked fine. It still would not safetly carry two people. Not enough wing. So we "once' put a larger wing on an 83, with a 532 or 582, don't remember which. But I do know that it cost way to much by the time we were finished. The struts had to be changed the attach points were new.. We'd gone through a few wings and a lot of hardware before we were through. Then .. When it did fly it was like flying a parachute. Way slow. It is not worth the trouble, believe me. Easier and cheaper to find a good 84 or better or trade it in on a new one. The 1983 Tierra makes a wonderful single seat ultralight or plane. Golden Circle air did not put out the warning not to use it as a two seater. That was Teartorn, It was done well before we took over the manufacturing. Back in 1983 or 84. Hope this helps. bob
bob Ellefson <bobdorly@netins.net>
- Saturday, December 16, 2000 at 03:39:45 (PST)
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